Happy Hoof Pads – Therapeutic Hoof Pads

Hi All,

I would like to introduce myself and the new company I started Happy Hoof Therapeutic Pad System. Koko is my Arab mare who foundered 9 yrs ago. She led me down a road that I never thought I would travel. Through this journey I had to learn how to transition from shoes to barefoot and how to trim a foundered horse.

It was 4.5 yrs after Koko foundered that I found EVA foam pads. Koko appreciated the discovery since it meant no more nails being pounded into a painful hoof. Koko wasn’t able to put her bare front right hoof on the ground after the shoes came taken off. So with the help of the pads she was able to transition to being barefoot. When she abscesses the pads are able to help the hoof with comfort and also get the abscess to exit better. Along the journey she has needed different pads to make different changes. The pads come in different densities and different thicknesses. It is easy to figure out what pad she wanted/needed by putting one by one under the hoof. She will not give up the hoof for the one she wants/needs.

Around the same time I was able to find a trim that I believed would help Koko’s hoof heel. Heels down and toes back is the how Koko has been trimmed for the past 5 yrs now. The front right hoof healed and I was able to ride her for the very first time in 9 yrs, June of 07. I had almost given up hope of ever riding Koko again. So thanks to the wonderful experience I have had with the use of the pads with my own horse, and with the foundered horses that I trim, I have decided to make them available to horses with lameness issues.

I look forward to helping horses once again have a Happy Hoof. Thanks for your time.

Kelly Hall

Koko, Kelly & Kasie