Is there one pad that will cover all of my horses hoof problems?

There is no one pad that does it all.  As the hoof changes in the recovery process so does it needs in pads.  This is simply figured out when the horse becomes uncomfortable on the pad it is wearing and the same color no longer makes him/her comfortable.  Depending on the situation another pad may be needed or your horse is done healing.  Testing the other pads will help determine what is needed.

The pad compressed. Do I need to change it?

The softer pads provide a cottony, cloud-like comfort, but compress and conform more readily. However, even when compressed and conformed, they perform a vital, very desirable function. Pads should not have to be replaced multiple times a day. A pad compressed to paper thin can still give plenty of comfort /support to a horses hoof.   As long as the horse is comfortable the pad/s can be left in place.

How can I apply the pads to my horse’s hooves?

The System pads can be duct taped in place, but they are best used with any number of huggers, slippers or riding boots. Any boot used for the purpose of holding the pads will likely need to be one size larger than the horse’s foot size. This way, there will be room in the boots for both the pads and the foot. (Note: be sure to have a good, proper, well-balanced trim before taking the measurements of the feet, as the trim will likely affect the measurement outcome. If boots are ordered before a major trim, the boots will be too big after the trim.)

How do I know which pad is right for my horse?

Have the horse stand on a pad to see what his/her reaction is.  A horse that walks, kicks the pad out or lifts the hoof and will not weight the hoof is avoiding the pads.  That is not the pad to use at this time.  If the horse stands on the pad and gives any of these or all these signs then this is the right pad: licking, chewing, yawning, won’t give the hoof when asked.  To get the pad simply walk the horse forward.