Do you have anything to help with transitioning from shoes to barefoot?

The System pads are great in aiding a horse while transitioning the horse from shoes. No horse should be expected to simply go straight from shoes to normal activity barefoot. Many people can’t go straight from shoes to any surface or activity being freshly out of shoes and a horse shouldn’t be expected to either. But if a transition period is allowed and there is some logic and common sense to how the transition takes place, then a horse will be able to transition. This is all relative to how long the horse has been in shoes, how badly deteriorated the feet have become and how much damage has taken place, but the horse can transition back none the less. It’s simply a matter of time, common sense and empathetic understanding. This is where boots and The System pads can help. They will each allow the feet to be protected at the times they are needed most and the pads help with circulation, stimulation, comfort and support. They are not to be left on forever, but they may be helpful more in the beginning of the transition / rehab period and should be used less and less, in affect weaning the horse off of the pads, as time goes on.