My horse isn’t navicular or foundered. Can I still use the pads?

The System pads are used for more than just navicular, laminitis or founder; they are also great for cushioning the feet, bones, joints and muscles of virtually any horse being transported for any distance. The System pads are good options for old or arthritic horses. The foam rubber pads are able to cushion the jolting concussion as the horse walks, and are also able to provide a softer surface to stand on for those older horses that just refuse to lay down to take a load off their feet. The System pads are useful for providing comfort to horses suffering from an abscess. It’s very easy to modify the pads so that the foam can cushion and support the sole of the foot everywhere but where an abscess site is detected. In that case, it’s easy to cut out a hole where the abscess is located so that no pressure is placed on that soft, tender sore spot. In fact, HHP, due to their resilient nature, are able to apply pressure to all of the sole and, in effect, provide negative pressure over the abscess spot to allow for quicker movement of the abscess fluid to allow the fluid to drain quicker.