Happy Hoof Pads – Therapeutic Hoof Pads


I would like to introduce myself and Happy Hoof Therapeutic Hoof Pads.  I started using EVA foam pads for my foundered mare Koko.  In 2003 I met Tommy Lee Osha who owned Osha Products, Inc.  He convinced me that his EVA foam pads along with Keith Seeley’s trim method that Koko could go barefoot and recover.  Koko had foundered in Oct. of 1998 and in 5 yrs her coffin bone was reduced by 50%.  Her pictures are attached.  Thanks to Tommy Lee Osha and Keith Seeley Koko and I started down a new path.  During the treatment of trimming Koko’s Front Right hoof we used the Founder Pad to help with lowering her heel.  When she was abscessing we used the yellow 8# pad.  When the sole needed help because it was thin we used the blue 2# pad.  It was so helpful in helping Koko through the recovery.  Trimming is what allowed the hoof to grow correctly and the pads assisted with the hoof changes.  The Founder pad made all the difference in the discomfort of lowering the heel.  For a few days Koko would wear it to help the muscles and tendons relax into the lowering of the heel.

In 2007 Koko was able to be ridden.  I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was with this.  I never thought it would be possible.  I prayed for a pasture sound horse.  To have her ridable was amazing.  I can’t thank Tommy Lee Osha and Keith Seeley enough for all that they did for us.

Because of what I learned with Koko I became a barefoot trimmer.  One of the first clients I had would leave a card in my car thanking me for her horse’s happy hooves.  That is where the name came from.  The pads along with proper trimming do make horses hooves happy again.

Thank you for your time.

Kelly Hall