About Us

My name is Kelly Hall and I am the owner of Happy Hoof Pads.  Koko (my personal foundered horse) led me to this path.   I was first introduced to EVA foam pads back in 2003 when my mare was recovering from laminitis (founder).  I met Tommy Lee Osha and Keith Seeley who where instrumental in teaching me how to help Koko recover.  Thanks to them I am a barefoot trimmer specializing in hoof deformities and lameness.  It is amazing to have a lame horse be able to move off comfortably after trimming and placing a pad under their hoof.  Hoof Pads have enabled me to improve a horses comfort and mobility.  Whether they are taped on, booted or in a slipper the horse is able to be more comfortable and move around so much more enabling healing.

I spent many years selling the pads as Osha Products to local stores and horse owners.  In 2005 I was trimming a foundered mare and her owner would leave me a gift card Thanking me for making Bucky's hooves happy.  Bucky was able to move about in a 5 acres pasture thanks to her "Happy Hooves".  That is where the name Happy Hoof Pads came from.  Happy Hoof Pads was started in 2007.  Since then pad orders have shipped out to vet offices, trimmers, farriers and horse owners around the world.  

Keith Seeley and myself have expanded on the original Pad System and introduced new pads over the years.  Some customers have experimented with their horses needs and have improved the System even more.  There are no limits to the pads.  

We would like the opportunity to help your horse.  How can we help your horse?