• Farrier Kit

The Farrier Kit covers all the major pads to have for your business.  It cover majority of the hoof lameness issues.

The Farrier Kit includes:

2 pair 1″ Gray (comfort while trimming)

3 pair 1/2″ Blue (thin sole or sore soles)

2 pair 3/4″ Blue (thin sole or sore soles)

3 pair 1/2″ White (comfort pad)

3 pair 1/2″ Multicolor (heel and/or back of hoof pain)

3 pair 3/8″ Yellow (abscess, laminitis, founder)

Slipper size vs pad size: Small slipper takes medium pad, Medium slipper takes Large pad, Large slipper takes x-large pad.


Small 4.75" x 5", Medium 5.25" x 5.5", Large 5.5" x 6"

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Farrier Kit

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