Support Pad


Great for the horses that need the support of the yellow pad but the soles need just alittle comfort.

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Great pad to help a hoof transition from a shoe to barefoot.  The blue pad helps with sole comfort after the shoe comes off.  As the blue pad compresses the yellow will take over in supporting the hoof.  The blue pad will have life where there are nooks and crannies for the pad to get into and stimulate.  One or to of these pads and the horse will take the ground again. 

This pad consists of the 3/8″ thick 8# yellow pad with a 1/4″ thick 2# blue pad adhered together. Sold in pairs.

***Slipper size vs pad size: Small slipper takes medium pad, Medium slipper takes Large pad, Large slipper takes x-large pad.

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Pad Size

Small 4.75" x 5", Medium 5.25" x 5.5", Large 5.5" x 6"